Hokey Pokey. Homemade Honeycomb.


You put your right hand in, your right hand out, your right hand in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey and you twirl around and that’s what it’s all about 🙂

OK OK so it’s nothing to do with the kindergarten song but I love the connotation that this candy brings to mind.

Call it Hokey Pokey, Cinder Toffee or Honeycomb it really doesn’t matter. It’s all the same thing.

Crunchy, sweet, golden bubbly shards of deliciousness!

Yes please!



It takes just three ingredients and a couple of minutes to make this crispy golden brittle ! 

The key to a good honeycomb is to ensure your sugar and golden syrup mix is sufficiently browned before you literally dump in the bicarbonate of soda and quickly stir with a metal whisk. Once the bicarb hits the sugar mix the magic happens!

It will puff up into a glorious golden mound which should be immediately poured onto a baking sheet and left to set.

Take great care NOT to touch this bubbling mass or you will give yourself a nasty burn and be extremely careful if small children are around. 



Once set you can break up into pieces with a gentle tap of a knife .

Check out my instagram account to see a short video. honeycomb smash  https://lifesastew.com/instagram/

It can be eaten immediately once cooled and makes a delicious sweet treat when dipped in dark chocolate. It’s pretty moreish so you will require some self control to stop yourself eating the entire batch in one go :-)!

If you’re not a dark chocolate fan use milk chocolate and for the kiddies you can break the honeycomb into oblong pieces, dip entirely in melted milk chocolate and voila you have your own homemade crunchie bars!

Make honeycomb ice cream, honeycomb cupcakes, honeycomb rocky road, honeycomb cheesecake, honeycomb pavlova,….. the possibilities are endless 🙂 



The honeycomb will hold in a airtight tin lined with parchment paper for a few days but it is best eaten on the day it’s made as it can become sticky.

I have stored honeycomb for several days and it remained dry, crunchy and fabulous. Just keep it away from moisture and don’t store it in the fridge. 

I made two batches of the stuff (one to nibble on!) and the other to create a gorgeous honeycomb caramel pavlova. This dessert looked stunning and wouldn’t look out of place at any dinner party.

Click here for the pavlova base recipe. 



This fluffy pavlova is so adaptable, the base remains a constant but the topping can be simple or ostentatious. Go on, give it a go, you will be surprised how easy it is to create and it is always a winner.


I topped the pavlova base with caramel swirled cream, a generous sprinkle of honeycomb crumb and some large shards of chocolate dipped honeycomb to create some drama.

This baby was scoffed in minutes, a definite sign that it was a huge hit!.



Honeycomb recipe is below

I hope you give it a go!




  • 4 tablespoons golden syrup
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda


  1. Measure out the bicarbonate of soda and set aside. Have a metal whisk and spatula to hand.
  2. Put a silicone mat on a baking tray ( I always use silicone mats they are brilliant and if you don't have one and like to bake, I recommend you go and get one ASAP 🙂 ! Alternatively line a baking tray with oiled baking parchment.
  3. Put the sugar and golden syrup into a saucepan and set it on a very low heat stirring occasionally with a spatula allowing to melt but don't let it simmer at this point.
  4. Once the sugar has completely melted, turn up the heat to medium and allow the mixture to simmer. Do not stir.
  5. Leave to bubble until it turns a golden-brown maple syrup like colour ( will take approximately 3 minutes so keep an eye on it as it can burn easily).
  6. Remove the pot from the heat , immediately dump in the bicarbonate of soda and quickly whisk for a couple of seconds.
  7. The mixture will froth up so make sure to use a deep saucepan.
  8. Once frothy pour onto the middle of your silicone mat. It will spread out naturally. DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  9. Leave to cool and harden.
  10. Break into bite size pieces or shards. ( just flip the set honeycomb over and tap gently with a knife )


An easy way to clean your dirty saucepan is to simply fill it with water and put it back on the heat . The water will heat up and once bubbling it will remove the sticky honeycomb mix left in your saucepan . Just empty this out and wash the pot as you would usually in soapy water This is a lot easier than trying to scrub off hardened honey comb!

Recipe is adapted from Mary berry's Honeycomb


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