It’s just a load of Hocus Pocus!


If you are reading this, then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you!


It’s as much fun to scare, as to be scared eh?

Halloween is almost here my pretties and any excuse to throw a party and I’m hooked! 

So stop in for a spell. This is where the magic happens.


lime curd pavlova halloween


Autumn, I love you! Your golden morning light,your exquisite colours, and your crisp carpet of leaves. Dreaming of fuzzy socks, big sweaters, carving pumpkins and sipping on spiced pumpkin lattes.

Autumn fare, you are resplendent! Hearty stews, warming soups , baked figs, cinnamon pancakes, toffee apples, and warm sugared donuts . 

Autumnal days, cold and crisp, dimming to darkness in late afternoon, wrapping around you like an old familiar blanket, comforting, dreamy and mystical. 

It’s a beautiful season, don’t you agree?


lifesastew halloween


The smell of an open wood fire at a nearby restaurant heralds the start of Autumn, and signals that Halloween is approaching.

I recall childhood memories of that dark, mysterious, spooky night, when we would don our costumes and venture into the eerie mist filled streets full of anticipation and excitement. 

You recall those feelings right?

Adult accompaniment was unheard of ! We bravely ventured out alone among the witches and demons, rushing through the darkness with great haste, collecting our bag of treats and ending the night with terrifying ghost stories that would ensure you wouldn’t get a proper night’s sleep for weeks!   

The thrill and excitement of that night enthralled us for years. It was intoxicating, exhilarating and chilling.

It was everything Halloween should be and we loved it!


Mirror Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all…..  


Halloween mirror mirror


All Hallows Eve Dinner 


Halloween isn’t only for kids right?

This holiday has become increasingly popular with homes transforming into haunted mansions, yards into terrifying cemeteries, and creepy ghost illusions at doorways (yes the competition is tough guys!) .

Well why should the adults be excluded from all this wicked fun! 

Get in the holiday spirit and throw a grown up Halloween party to die for . Conjure up a spooky atmosphere by candlelight, set a mysterious mood with decor, and bring out your inner demon with a poison-apple cocktail. 


sour apple cocktail


The vibrant green colour of this cocktail creates a real talking point for guests and it tastes delicious to boot! Click here for the recipe and try it if you dare!!

While the apple in Snow White is red I wanted a bitter sour taste. Just look at that ghoulish green! 

It goes down easy but be careful it packs a punch!

Garnish this green potion with a slice of apple and serve with a witches smile! 

Cue evil laugh 🙂




The Main Event


Halloween decor











Halloween mantle





Halloween decor




This was a relaxed dinner with friends so I chose hearty, warming and spicy foods to match the feel of Halloween. The menu is Autumnal from start to finish.

It can be prepped in advanced allowing you to enjoy the night with your guests rather than slave over a hot stove during the party. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun! 

Remember, simple is often superb.

We kicked off with this Pumpkin and butternut squash soup. Just top with sour cream and serve with little gruyere toasts. Delicious!        



I wanted something more than your regular chilli con Carne and this chunky, meaty and devilishly spicy beef chilli hit the spot.

The smoked paprika, strong black coffee and dark muscovado sugar provides real depth of flavour. 

It’s Chilli Con Carne on steroids! 😛 . Click here for the recipe.


beef chilli with lime nachos and flatbread

Chilli beef


Cornbread is not traditionally Irish, in fact I’d never made these before, but it was the perfect side dish and it quickly vanished on the night. You could vamp up the heat on these if you wanted, but the beef chilli is already spicy so probably wise to keep these mild .

Recipe is from Sally’s Baking Addiction Blog click here for the link.  I bought Holland and Barrett’s “amazing maize meal” to replace the cornmeal in the recipe.

They are well worth a try!

cornbread muffins


End on a high note with a decadent yet simple dessert. Lime curd Pavlova.

The flavours are incredible and it screams Autumn . I used light brown sugar in the lime curd which resulted in a caramel like flavour with a tang,

Serve with glazed blueberries and a chilled glass of prosecco.

Dare I say it, it’s heaven on a plate!

Click here for the recipe. 




Witch better have my candy. 


I’m not the only bad Mom who raids the kids Halloween candy bags right? Who doesn’t love an overdose of candy and a bit of eerie fun?

Candy awakens childhood memories and I’ve had grown adults yelp with delight at the sight of a candy bar!

So Keep Calm and Candy on to ensure your guests leave on a sweet note, 





Wishing you a Spooktacular Halloween. Eat Drink and be Scary! 

Remember folks ……..                





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  • My talented wonderful friend , I love 💕 My first readings of your blog, so you , pure fabulous and I can’t wait to try Halloween receipes !!! I may be looking for your help !! Good luck lifesastew , looking forward to next posts. xx

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