Let’s take a walk in the dark Mommy


Night walks are peculiar 

There is something strangely beautiful and otherworldly about the dark stillness of the night.

The simple seclusion that allows one to ponder the meaning of life, contemplate the shimmering stars illuminating the black sky, and spiritually connect to something more than just this small planet earth.

Lord Byron’s poem “she walks in beauty like the night” comes to mind. Beautiful poem, but I digress.

You know what I mean about night walking right?

The sense of being whomever you wish to be, the solitude, the silence.  That contentment you feel on returning to your warm abode, a sense of achievement both physical and spiritual.  You are changed in some way because of that walk.

I love those nights.

Tonight is no such night.


Satan smiled at me . 


Tonight the air is cold, the street lighting dim, and a dense fog is descending on our small street. My son’s face is contorted, his captivating smile replaced by an evil grin, his sockets dark ink pools, and his carefree walk replaced with a menacing march .

He is unrecognizable.

We walk a short distance when he turns to face me and calmly claims that he is the son of Satan .

Did I hear him right?

The hair stands up on the back of my neck, my body shivers and my breath quickens. I’m staring at him long and hard waiting for him to say “just joking Mommy” but no such words pass his lips . His pace increases and he happily runs ahead of me,  jubilant with his revelation and the resulting impact on my demeanor.

Satan?! Satan is the Devil. Satan is bad. Satan is an evil spirit.

My son?! My son is beautiful. My son is good. My son is virtuous.

He briefly turns his head grinning back at me and I see something different, not my son, not a pale perfect complexion and not a soft heart melting smile. I see something sinister, something unsettling, something frightening.


A haunting we will go … 


You recall that 1970’s movie with the small child running through the canal streets of Venice in a red cape, “Don’t look now”, or that 1980’s Stephen King movie with the creepy twin girls (“Forever …..and ever….. and ever”), or perhaps more appropriately that movie with the boy called Damien with 666 marked on his head! (no thankfully my son is not called Damien!) “The Omen”.

God snap out of it woman!!

He’s now frantically running ahead of me laughing, swinging his arms wildly in abandonment. I need to keep him in my sight.

He stops at the imposing period house at the end of our street, keeps very still and stares.

It’s unnerving.

The house looks inauspicious tonight. The windows are boarded, caked in grime and cobwebs cover the black doorway. A mist is creeping along the pathway to the door and a dark figure stands in the porch beckoning my son towards him. Like a moth to a flame my little guy takes very slow steps into the mist and I urgently run to his side.

“Welcome Satan I’ve been waiting for you” the figure announces.

The black doorway swings widely open, the faces behind it grotesque, disfigured and beast like. He hesitates but continues to walk further up the path. He has a broad smile on his face and is chuckling. He requests that I lower my face to his and I bend down slowly till my ear reaches his lips and he sweetly whispers  “Mama he really thinks I’m the son of Satan!” and smiles broadly until I can see the sweet child behind the scary face paint.

Well you are a little devil I say.

Now let’s join this Halloween party and Eat, Drink and be Scary !

Happy Halloween All!

BOO! 🙂

Stephen King said “Fiction is a lie. The good fiction is the truth inside the lie”

Want to know how to throw an incredible spooky, sophisticated and delicious Halloween party? Pop over to my post “It’s just a load of Hocus Pocusand find out how! 

Thanks for reading!


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